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2017 was really where it all came together. We bought an amazing flat; somewhere that feels more like home to me than anywhere since Northampton. We broke the seven year mark; as a team and with our closest friends our relationships have never been stronger. I’ve pushed forwards in my career; I became qualified and […]

Train Journey Thoughts

Life is spontaneous, unexpected and at times undesirable. What’s the answer? Family and friends. They will get you through. Team. You stand tall, you keep your head as high as your dignity and you power on. For those who care for you would not want you to sit in despair, to sit with your head […]

And So It Begins…

So this is it. The blog I’ve threatened to write for two years now. An outlet for my aspirations, my explorations and my inspirations, welded together through lists. Good old lists. Everyone loves a list; a shopping list, a bucket list or a todo list to name a few. Indeed this blog, about lists, has […]