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Cereal Killers, Shoreditch

Subject to anti-gentrification protests and kicking up a fuss in Brick Lane since 2014, Cereal Killers is one of those places you read about in Time Out that you just have to go to. You’re not going for good food, you’re going for the novelty of eating five different types of cereal, surrounded by Kenan […]

Sky Garden, The City

Working in the Monument area of London from 2014 to 2015, I saw the Walkie Talkie building come from rags to riches…quite literally…from the rags that were used to cover the windows to stop the sun’s reflection melting cars to the riches that they charge for drinks! Rumour has it that planning permission would only […]

Portobello Road Market, Notting Hill

In a hurry to get my blog up and running, I missed a crucial entry that I wrote in October 2014, which could really be considered my first blog post. So, here it is, screwing up the chronological order I’ve managed to maintain so far. Partaking in “Sober for October” means that Saturdays and Sundays […]

Richmond Park, Richmond

Richmond is one of those pockets of London that really makes you appreciate how much the city has to offer. A ten minute train journey from Clapham Junction takes you to the heart of this leafy town, with some of the best parks in the country practically on your doorstep. I came out of the […]

The Monument, Monument

Working near the Tower of London, and miserably commuting on the Northern Line, I walk past The Monument every morning. Amongst the glass skyscrapers of London’s square mile, there is a vast amount of history in the city that gets overlooked by us tired financiers. All we want to do is get home, without looking […]

Pillow Cinema, Shoreditch

An awesome idea this one, and one I can’t believe hasn’t been done before. Beanbags, BYOC (bring your own cushion), and cinema. A perfect combination. A few years ago I remember it was hard to find a cinema you could drink beer in. Now you can spoon and drink cider through the whole of toy […]