Humpit, Leeds

We’re trying to eat less meet this year. It being January, we’re also trying not to spend money. Humpit ticked both of these boxes so we decided to check it out for lunch today. With a prime position in the Corn Exchange, Humpit offers up a simple menu of hummus, pitta breads and falafel.


There are three options: hummus bowl, loaded pitta, or salad bowl. We both went for the loaded pitta stuffed full of falafel balls, hummus, salad, pickles and sauce. There’s the option to throw on some additional toppings like mushrooms, onions and spicy salsa. We went for the standard, being frugal and that.

It was jam packed with goodness! Falafel was tasty, salad was fresh, and hummus was delicious! An all round success. The chilli sauce only came at the top. My personal taste would have liked it all the way through so might have to ask for that next time. My only other falafel experience in Leeds is Caravaneserai, which is good, but Humpit has to win. Very full at the end of it and satisfied with a decent meal. Bargain for £4.50 and great service!


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