Fazenda, Leeds

Sitting on a flight back from Krakow (second visit in a year), on my birthday, after Alison surprised me this morning that she’d booked a table at Fazenda for when we get home, I can’t wait for an evening of steak and gluttony. I’ve been a few times, and been impressed on every visit. I’ve blogged on here about Fazenda’s other restaurant in Leeds, Bossa, which is essentially a cheaper version without the frills but it just doesn’t compare to the real deal. Writing about it now is going to make me even more excited! I’ll take some pics tonight that I can add on here as well (must take more pics for my blogs).

Fazenda is a rodizio grill – waiters strolling around with some seriously good cuts of meat on skewers, ready to slice it up for anyone that wants it. I think there evening menu is perhaps 12 different cuts of meat. When asking our waiter once what his favourite was, he told me “chicken hearts with a squeeze of lemon juice”. Why not I guess. I don’t share this view, and much prefer the sirloin or garlic cap of rump, but if someone wants to send a chicken heart my way I’ll give it a good shot. Beef fillet, skirt, chorizo sausage, chicken thighs in bacon and a leg of lamb also spring to mind as other meats to choose from. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some but will leave the surprise for tonight, and also can’t google 10,000 feet up with Ryanair. My ONLY criticism, and it’s a small one and is so first world problems, is that I remember the fillet steak being very very rare. When you’re full with meat, you just don’t want that bloody mess on the side of your plate.

While it’s tempting to just not leave your seat and fill up with protein, the salad bar is definitely worth a visit, serving up cold meats, salmon, cheese and some decent side dishes if I remember correctly. A massive wheel of parmesan as well.

Despite eating all weekend in Krakow, I’m starving, and very much looking forward to landing and getting to Leeds for even more chow.


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