Pizza Fella, Leeds

A bit of a short post for once. I went to Leeds’ newest pizza place at the weekend, Pizza Fella. These guys started off serving wood-fired pizza out of a van in 2014 and have set up a permanent residence in Albion Street at the top of Leeds city centre. I’ll be honest, I’d had a few beers before I went and there are some hazey parts of the evening, but it would be hard to forget how good this pizza is. They serve up a simple menu of eight pizzas (so simple they are named “number one”…”number two”… etc). I went for number five – fennel and pepper salami and ricotta on a cheese and tomato base. I’ll throw it out there, it has the potential to be my favourite pizza in Leeds. The combo was fantastic. Not crammed full of toppings so the base stayed crispy and well cooked, and not too hard to pick up. But what really made it for me was the crusts. It’s rare to rave about the crusts when eating pizza, but they were delicious! It’s a shame that they don’t offer any sauces to dip them (as far as I can remember) as this would be a real bonus. I also tried a slice of number three, a classic anchovies, capers and olives pizza, and number seven also looked amazing, which was a white pizza with pancetta and caramelised onions.

Prices are reasonable at less than a tenner across the board and they offer a bottle of red for £16 thats good enough. Service was spot on. Relaxed and personal. The staff had a good understanding of the menu and the ingredients used. We were the last in the restaurant and didn’t feel rushed to move on at all. The location is also a winner, up in the mix of Merrion Street bars. Other than there being no sauces on offer, my only other grumble is that they don’t serve draught beer. But they have a decent selection of craft bottles. I’ll definitely be going back…this weekend in try the number six (ham, pesto and tomatoes) or number eight (nduja sausage and caramelised onions).  I’ll take some more pics then. It will be dangerous if they decide to jump on to Deliveroo.


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