Bread and Bones, Dublin

To give the impression that I’m a well travelled individual (not really the case) and didn’t spend all of my Euros on Guinness and McDonalds when I went to Ireland (also, not really the case), I thought I’d add a post about a restaurant in Dublin that we checked out. In reality, Guinness provided all the nutrients we needed and we rarely found the time to stop for a sit down meal, until the final day.

We stumbled across millennium walkway earlier on in the afternoon, a modern street of restaurants on the north side of millennium bridge. With plenty of options available, including Mexican, BBQ and Asian, we vouched to return that evening and go wherever our taste buds took us. In practice, this was harder than it should have been, and we were walking up and down the street for a good ten minutes before making a decision. Bread and bones won it for us as it offered two courses for €17.50 all day Sunday, and the menu looked pretty quirky, serving up some Asian classics alongside burgers and fried chicken.

The interior is bright and airy, with wooden pallet benches sitting in an industrial space. Best of all, next to an open kitchen. There are plenty of delicious looking options on the menu, but the choice isn’t overwhelming, with 6 starters and 11 main courses. We went for pork and prawn dumplings, kimchi fries and steamed mussels to start with.  While the kimchi fries looked amazing, I steered clear, having ordered them for a main course instead. The dumplings weren’t the best I’d had (lagging behind Zaap Thai in Leeds) but still a cracking choice. The mussels were great, tasted fresh and confirmed that actually, I do like mussels, a question that I had been grappling with for a couple of years.

The kimchi fries main course came recommended by our waiter, boasted as the most popular dish on the menu, and I can see why. It’s a humungous, loaded fries, complete with Asian style pork, seared steak, a mountain of kimchi and a fried egg, finished off with garlic mayo and spring onions. It was an absolute monster of a meal, and well worth the money. I managed to see off all of the meat, which was cooked well, but a lot of the chips had to be left. The fried egg, perfectly runny, and the kimchi bought the whole dish together.


My friends both had a special of monkfish. Not something I had eaten before, but in all honesty, it didn’t have a lot of taste. The rice noodles side dish also looked pretty plain for my liking, without any seasoning or vegetables.

I understand that their menu switches up quite regularly, and actually looking at their website today, it’s changed since we went. The mussels and dumplings no longer feature (slightly disappointing) but they have been replaced with some other smashing looking starters. It looks like they’ve stopped offering some of the more traditional Asian main courses (rendang curry and chilli beef soup for example) and focussed more on burgers and grills. They need to be careful that they don’t step completely away from this side of the menu, which is their selling point in my opinion. I’m also surprised bahn mi isn’t on the menu anymore, given the emphasis on bread in their name (it’s still mentioned on their google blurb). Thankfully, the kimchi fries still make an appearance!


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