Bossa, Leeds

There’s a time and a place for all you can eat restaurants. They need to be fun, energetic and serve food that’s good enough for you to keep wanting more. Rodizio grills tend to tick all of these boxes, so I was excited to check out Leeds’ latest – Bossa.

Taking over the old spot for Zizzi by the Corn Exchange, Bossa was always going to have a tough time. Not least because you have to walk past Red’s True Barbecue to get there, whose free smells will easily tempt you in, but also because their key competition in Leeds is Fazenda, quite possibly the best restaurant in Leeds (according to me). However, after visiting, it became clear to me that the two aren’t really comparable. After all, Bossa is over a tenner cheaper, so you can’t expect the quality you get at Fazenda. It also has a more fun, family friendly atmosphere.

Thanks to PG Promotions (if you live in Leeds check it out here for great deals), I found out about an opening night offering the first 100 through the door free dinner after 5 o’clock. Rushing over after work, Alison and I ended up queuing for over an hour. But our perseverance paid off, and we were the last two people let through the door!

Bossa offers an all you can eat Rodizio experience, serving up the likes of Picanha (cap of rump), Cordeiro (lamb chump), pulled beef and chorizo to name a few, served with endless chips and slaw. Waiters stroll around the restaurant with the various selections of meat ready to serve. Each table is given a small toy cow with red on one side, green on the other. Green tells the staff that you want more food. Red tells them to back off. A standard setup for Rodizio grills.

Hands down, the cap of rumb was delicious! I could have eaten that all night and been chuffed. It generally came out medium rare, but the staff seemed happy to oblige if you wanted it cooked differently. The chorizo, pulled beef and chicken thighs were also very tasty, and I was impressed by the variety of sauces on the table. We were introduced to “herby mayo” – essentially a mix of pesto and mayo – that now features pretty regularly in our home cooked meals. There were also a good looking bunch of side dishes on the menu, for a smashing £2 each, such as Feijoada (black bean and pulled beef stew) and sweet potato wedges. I’ll have to try these next time.

Despite being rushed off their feet serving 100 people eating for free, and it being one of the first weeks open, the staff were great! Very friendly and attentive, with our plates topped up on a frequent basis.

I wasn’t as impressed about the pork belly and the lamb. Both were pretty dry and uninteresting, which was disappointing as I usually love pork belly! But aside from this, I really enjoyed Bossa. Dinner is priced at £17.90 for adults, which includes all you can eat meat, slaw and chips – a really competitive price and you definitely get your money’s worth. It’s a shame that this has been the only time I’ve seen it really busy. Hopefully it picks up, because I imagine it’s quite an awkward story being the only table in a rodizio grill.


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