Bundobust, Leeds

I’d heard mixed reviews about this place – a craft beer meets Indian street food set up in Leeds. But to be honest, I loved it. I can see why it might have had negative press though, it’s not been done properly before in Leeds. Serving very traditional, vegetarian Indian dishes on paper plates in somewhere that also has a reputation of great beer isn’t something anyone else does. I’d never heard of a lot of the dishes so went for a recommended lunchtime set menu.

The okra fries were one of the dishes I’d never seen before. In fact, I’d only had Okra for the first time not long ago in Tayyabs. They were so moreish! Other dishes on the set menu included Masalla Dosa, a filled rice crepe with lentil sauce, Bhel Puri, an onion and tomato dish with puffed rice, and Bundo Chaat, crushed samosa pastry with chickpeas and potato. It was a real eye opener to Southern Indian food, a cuisine I’d never dabbled in but very happy that I did. Bundo Chaat is an excellent combo of textures and flavours and probably my favourite dish!

Then there’s the beer. Always the beer. As if dishes full of creative goodness wasn’t enough. With kegs from Magic Rock, Brewdog and Bundobusts very own releases you are spoilt for choice. Which is interesting because I don’t believe Southern India is well known for its drinking culture! But then again the Indian classic, Chicken Tikka Masala, was made in Birmingham so really who’s to blame. The Bundobust Coriander Pilsner is one to try, but probably not for everyone!

[Edit: Since my original visit in 2015, this place has become my FAVOURITE place to eat in Leeds. I must have tried every dish on the menu by now, and even signed up to a running club that offered free food from here after every run. The Vada Pav and Bundo Chaat remain to be the best dishes, but other contenders are the Paneer and Mushroom Tikka and Chole Batura. They also sell some great artwork that I’ve been meaning to get my hands on.]

So if you fancy a typical Friday night beer and a curry with the lads, Bundobust isn’t where you want to go. Try Akbars in Leeds instead! But if you fancy some truly authentic Southern Indian food, top quality beer and a good atmosphere I definitely recommend this place.


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