Crowd of Favours, Leeds

Since leaving Leeds in the middle of 2014, this place has sprung up to be one of the most alternative bar in Leeds. Snes tournaments, board games, movie nights and poker tournaments fill the weekly schedule. They also do a bloody good roast dinner, which is why I’ve added this to the list of Restaurants.

I tried to come here with some friends a while back but they couldn’t fit us in, so it’s been on my list since then. And without being cheesy, it was worth the wait.

From the choice of beef, pork or lamb, I went for the rib eye beef which was lovely, but the side dishes really top it off. Each side dish is laid out on the menu like its a dish in itself: Balsamic and port braised red cabbage or chantey carrots in orange, thyme and fennel seed butter. A plate full of them makes you think there might be too many flavours going on, but it all goes well together!

Don’t be put off by the “hell raiser” description…the cauliflower cheese in particular was a favourite and I’d love the recipe. The gravy was absolutely full of flavour as well – I must learn how to make good beef gravy. And even better, the place has a great selection of beers. A must visit on a Sunday and somewhere I’ll definitely be going to again.


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