Flat Iron, Soho

Flat Iron has been raved about in Time Out for some time now, advertised as a low key, no fuss steak joint with a couple locations to choose from around Soho. I went to the Beak Street branch on an early Saturday evening, about 5 o’clock after a few drinks in The Running Horse watching the Grand National, and actually wasn’t waiting too long for a seat. If there’s a queue they will take your number and text you when your table’s ready, leaving you to roam the local drinking holes before you indulge. It’s a fairly small restaurant, with a line of six seater park benches against a wall, so you could be sat opposite each other in the middle between two couples, like we were. It didn’t seem awkward but I’d imagine that was helped by the number of beers I’d had watching the horses, and the free popcorn that they serve at the start which kept us occupied.

The selling point for Flat Iron is its signature steak for a tenner. Who would complain? I certainly didn’t. The presentation alone screams good value! It was well cooked, nicely seasoned and tastes great with the bearnaise sauce, one of the three sauces to choose from. I’ve since tried all three think that Fred’s Sauce is the best – a spicy tomato relish that goes fantastic with steak. They tend to offer an alternative, more pricey cut on the menu, which was a Cornish Bavette that evening, but unless you really fancy an upgrade, the usual does the trick. I need to somehow acquire one of the mini meat cleavers – I think they sell them for a tenner!

And then there’s the sides. As standard, your £10 steak comes with a salad, which is actually nicer than you’d expect. But you HAVE to get the creamed spinach! In the universe of side dishes, creamed spinach has to be up there as one of the nicest. And the Flat Iron creamed spinach doesn’t disappoint. The chips are also worth getting, but only if you’re going to dip them in the creamed spinach!

Bottom line, this place sells affordable steak, in a fairly small space, presented in such a way that will make your date think you’re spoiling her. If you haven’t been yet, you should, and you should order the creamed spinach.


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