And So It Begins…

So this is it. The blog I’ve threatened to write for two years now. An outlet for my aspirations, my explorations and my inspirations, welded together through lists. Good old lists. Everyone loves a list; a shopping list, a bucket list or a todo list to name a few. Indeed this blog, about lists, has come about through my own list of New Years resolutions. There is something mindblowingly satisfying about crossing off one item at a time, with the hope that once we’ve reached the end…well bloody hell we’ll be able to conquer the world if we get to the end. We will have done everything we ever wanted, or remembered everything we need to buy or packed everything we need for a holiday. But that’s never the reality – the list always goes on.

So what am I going to write lists about? Well here begins my first list – a list of lists you could say. Some ideas that immediately spring to mind

Lists that everyone have:

  • Restaurants to dine in
  • Countries to visit or places to explore
  • Hotels to stay in

Lists for the years to come:

  • To do before I’m thirty
  • Things to achieve before I’m forty
  • A definitive bucket list

Lists that I try to live by:

  • My values
  • My inspirations
  • My defining moments

This is merely a taster. My lists will be dynamic, forever changing as new ideas come to mind, and as I work my way through each one I plan to post an accompanying blog post, creating an archive of notes and photographs to look back on.

As I sit on this Megabus on a trip from London to Leeds, writing this introduction on an iPad, I’m excited about this new project of mine, of the lists to come and where they will take me. Here’s to crossing off another New Years resolution.


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