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The Shears Yard building has always confused me. I originally thought it was a marketing company (maybe they used to be in the same building), then a bar (with a swanky beer garden out front) until realising it was a restaurant, but still not sure what kind of vibe they were going for. It had […]

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We’re trying to eat less meet this year. It being January, we’re also trying not to spend money. Humpit ticked both of these boxes so we decided to check it out for lunch today. With a prime position in the Corn Exchange, Humpit offers up a simple menu of hummus, pitta breads and falafel. There […]

2017 was really where it all came together. We bought an amazing flat; somewhere that feels more like home to me than anywhere since Northampton. We broke the seven year mark; as a team and with our closest friends our relationships have never been stronger. I’ve pushed forwards in my career; I became qualified and […]

Sitting on a flight back from Krakow (second visit in a year), on my birthday, after Alison surprised me this morning that she’d booked a table at Fazenda for when we get home, I can’t wait for an evening of steak and gluttony. I’ve been a few times, and been impressed on every visit. I’ve […]

Some of Leeds best boozers and venues have sprung out of nowhere. Headrow House was one of them. Surely you can’t fit a four storey restaurant slash bar slash roof terrace on Headrow anywhere? Apparently you can, and its super! I know it’s been around for ages now, and while I’ve had drinks there more […]